Safety Testing Information


As made and sold by Keira's Kreations, LLC, the Visual Communication Bracelet has been approved for use with adults and children 3 years old and up. 

I am proud to report that the bracelet was tested at an independent CPSC approved lab.  We even went one step further and passed all testing for Prop65 (which prohibits sales in California, Washington and many other states following suit) due to their rigorous testing standards.

 I went above and beyond to have the Visual Communication Bracelet tested for safety.  Not only am I a business that makes and  sells these bracelets, but I am also a mom whose daughter uses this bracelet.  If it wasn't safe enough for my daughter, then I wouldn't make or sell it to anyone. 

The beads are 1" in diameter, they pose a choking risk.  Please see the DISCLAIMERS page for full product information.